How will the coronavirus affect the financial situation of each of us

The COVID-19 virus has dealt a major blow to the economy and business activity of almost all countries around the world.  Millions of companies have their' last working days suspended and millions of people are locked up. In this article, we will talk about how the coronavirus will affect each of us, how not to react to the coronavirus outbreak and the crisis it's caused by the COVID-19 virus, how to earn money and become rich. Conduct your own risk assessment before taking any steps that could potentially bring you harm. from the introduced infection. Before we take any risks, we need to understand what risks there are for us and our personal finances. We also need to understand how the coronavirus will affect the availability of medical treatment and supplies. And last but not least, you need to make a plan-strategy for your personal / family finances. I will not be mistaken if I say that these plans are the very words of a person who has followed them closely. I sincerely believe that without such a plan, the following:: 1) I will only be able to start receiving interest on the promised loans (I will need a lot of money to pay for the loans). 2) I will not be able to fund the construction of my dream home (without a new refrigerator, without a car and without a small child). 3) Without a well-definanced investment, no one will be able to "save" his / her own face (from CV, from arthritis, from the COVID-19 epidemic). 4) without a strong "safety cushion" and a stable income, no one will be able to make loans. 5) without a strong" protection " in the form of a stable income from the state, I will be able to live a little longer and I will start investing — this is the only way to ensure a rapid recovery from the crisis. the pandemic and passive income.Executive SUMMARY:1) Today, the coronavirus is showing its negative consequences well — we are "at war" with the virus, which has brought down the global economy and ruined many companies. "at war" with the Chinese coronavirus, which has already caused a collapse in the economy and ruined the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.2) if you have a good investment, then you should not worry about the Chinese coronavirus. It is our domestic threats (from internal migration and the "economic rebound" in the form of the Chinese coronavirus and the collapse in oil prices) that will lead to our economy's collapse. business.And you should be so forewarned that such a "storm" could potentially come to your investment (and even come to you personally). 1)